• 8-weeks comprehensive training
    • 100% online training
    • Physical certificate in collaboration with intel
    • Real life industry experience
    • Insights of Machine Learning in the field of finance
    • Algorithmic Trading, Portfolio management & Technical Analysis and it's applications
    • Assistance with Video Lectures for the internship
    The machine learning internship with certification program is an 8-week comprehensive internship that tests your machine learning prowess in a module-wise and comprehensive manner. Additionally, you will have assistance for the completion of the internship through our crash course on Machine Learning using Python, to get up to speed on the concepts before you dive into the internship.
    The internship program is based on real-world applications of Machine Learning algorithms in Financial Markets. The internship program has a step by step module structure, and each module has a practical application in the financial industry.

    At the end of the internship, there is a completion certification jointly issued by CL Educate and Intel

    • Get a certificate of completion in collaboration with Intel
    • Each intern would be solving a unique assignment depending on the stock(s) he/she chooses
    • Brush up on all the machine learning topics and concepts with a crash course
    • A step by step module structure for solving real-world industrial problems
    • Introduction to the world of Algorithmic Trading and Portfolio management
    • Technical Analysis and the applications of Machine Learning in these domains
    • Real-world industry problem that gives valuable exposure
    • 24*7 access to Jupyter Notebook programming environment provided by CL itself
    • Gives you an insight of the future of ML/AI in the Finance industry