Machine Learning Internship

Machine Learning is one of the fastest growing fields in the world today and a Machine Learning Internship opens hitherto unknown opportunities for the participants.

This is what you will get from the AICTE endorsed Machine Learning Internship - A Chance to Transform your Career.

Duration: 8 weeks
Mode: Online
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Overview of Machine Learning Internship

This Machine Learning Internship is a great way for you to start your data science career. It is designed to, both, test your knowledge and to give you the feel and experience of a real-world data science problem. Here is an overview of this 8-week internship.

  • Weekly Assignments: You will receive a series of assignments that incrementally solve a real-world machine learning problem
  • Mentoring: You can reach out to one of our Machine Learning mentors, in case you face any difficulty at any point in the program
  • Learning Videos: While it is good to struggle a bit and solve a data science problem yourself, we have hours of videos to help you learn the basic concepts of Machine learning with Python
  • Final Interview with Experts: At the end of the 8 weeks, you will have an interview with our team of experts, who will test you on the projects that you did during your internship
  • Internship Certificate: At the end of the internship you will receive an internship completion certificate upon passing a video interview with our faculty and an industry experts

Introduction to ML internships

Internship Variants

Current Machine Learning Opportunities in India

There is a great demand for machine learning professionals both in India and across the world. As per news reports, 50,000+ data science jobs are vacant due to shortage of talent.

  • Lack of good relevant education: Most universities are lagging in teaching machine learning and technology subjects. The pedagogy isn’t in-sync with what the industry requires
  • Dearth of internship opportunities: There are very few Machine Learning internship opportunities out there, resulting in a rapid growth of self-taught and uncertified machine learning professionals
  • Lower levels of fluency in coding: Most self-taught machine learning individuals learn by only watching videos, resulting in negligible practice of hands-on ML model building

As a result, you end up with an extremely large population of uncertified professionals competing for the high-paying machine learning jobs and Machine Learning Projects.

Why this Machine Learning Internship?

This Machine Learning internship will ensure that you get a leg up on the competition in the job market. Here are the reasons this machine learning internship can bring about a total transformation in your career.

  • What is relevant to the industry: This internship gives you a hint of meaningful industry experience, while touching upon all the machine learning techniques and algorithms necessary in the industry today
  • An internship, not a course: Unlike the courses which are just a compilation of videos, this is an internship that lets you work on a project, week after week
  • Get confident at coding: Unlike the courses where you just watch videos, in this internship you get your hands dirty with coding, each week, for your assignments

Programming Language & Tools

You will have to do programming in Python and use machine learning libraries from Scikit-Learn (e.g., Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn etc). You will implement machine learning algorithms for Regression and Classification.

Eligibility & Application Process


The Machine Learning Internship is meant for students who have a background, or are keen to learn, a programming language and solve business problems using AI/ML. It is ideal for students of Engineering (any discipline), BCA, MCA. It can also be pursued by BSc., BCom., BA, BBA and MBA. It can be done in any year of graduation.

Application Process

Applying for the machine learning internship is a breeze. Just follow the simple steps give below to get started on your machine learning journey.

  • Register yourself by filling the form at the top of this page
  • Select an internship problem
  • Begin!


Endorsed by
Software & Training Partner


This internship is endorsed and co-certified by AICTE for all technical colleges in India. Intel® is our software and hardware partner for all of our data science programs.

Internship - Options

Internship + Crash Course + Physical Certificate

Complete the internship and get certified from us along with AICTE and Intel. Along with the physical certificate of completion, get a machine learning crash course.

  • Access to the internship
  • Access to Jupyter Environment
  • Online Interview at the end of 8 weeks
  • Acknowledgement of completion of internship through mail
  • Learning Videos
  • Physical Certificate (jointly issued by Intel and CL)
  • Live Classes for 8 weeks

Rs. 4,499
Enroll Now!


The Machine Learning internship begins as soon as you enroll for it. You will get the login credentials of the dashboard. In this dashboard, you can view all the learning resources and the assignments, week-wise.

The internship can be completed in 8-weeks or in an even lesser duration. Once you submit your assignments, you would have completed the internship projects and your interview would get scheduled shortly after that. While it can be started on any date, college goers should look at doing this internship during their vacations.

Yes, all your weekly assignments will be checked by our panel of data science experts. Feedback will also be shared with you in case your assignment is not up to the expectation level.

You can ask your questions to our team of machine learning experts who will mentor you during this internship. All you need to do is write in a mail at

The biggest and the most important point of difference is that this is an internship while those are courses. The biggest reasons why most students don’t get the desired outcome out of the other courses is that those courses are only hours and hours of videos. In this internship, you code each week and, therefore, get the hands-on experience.

Just like any other internship, this internship brings to you an opportunity to learn things that are relevant to the industry. If you learn from this internship, you will be better that most job-seekers and therefore, finding a job should not be a challenge.

Get a sneak peek of your internship now

Here’s a demo of the learning resources that you would get during these 8 weeks. Register now for this demo and get access to the demo dashboard.

Access the Demo

Dates and Duration of Machine Learning Internship

This is an online Machine Learning internship which can be completed in 8 weeks, or even earlier by students who can move at a faster pace. Since it is an Online internship, it can be started on any later date. It should ideally be done during vacations to give you ample time to complete the internship and maximize your learning.

List of Modules covered

The modules covered in the Machine Learning Internship can be thought of as Machine Learning Projects with a set objective that the participant has to complete every week. These Machine Learning projects require the participant to study on the relevant topics and practically apply it to solve each problem. Solving these problems will allow the participant to complete the module and move on to the next module and Machine Learning Project.

  • Module 1- Data Exploration Using Pandas
  • Module 2 - Plotting in Financial Markets
  • Module 3 - Regression - Beta Calculation
  • Module 4 - Algo Trading using Classification
  • Module 5 - Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Module 6 - Clustering for Diverse portfolio analysis
  • Module 7 - Internship Report Finalization

Sneak Peek of Module 1

1. Plot the daily volumes of a given stock as well and compare the percentage stem plot to it. Document your analysis of the relationship b/t volume and daily percentage change.

2. Analyse the correlation between daily returns of any 5 stocks of your liking. This is extremely useful for a fund manager to design a diversified portfolio. To know more, check out these resources on correlation and diversification.

3. Plot the appropriate trade calls for the given stock data. Use 21 day and 34 day moving averages to get the appropriate predictions for the calls.

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